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Health Information for expats and travelers - Croatia


Croatia info for Medical assistance

During their stay in Croatia, tourists have a right to medical services in each health center, clinic and hospitals. Fares are nominal and correspond to the prices paid by Croatian citizens. For specific medical services in private clinics, guests pay the same as locals.

Health prevention

Despite the relatively good health system, it is best to take everything to avoid inconvenience to the traveling. The most important thing is to avoid overexposure to the sun, wear hat and quality sunglasses and use sun lotion with high SPF, especially during the hottest time of day (11-15 hours). Drink plenty of water to avoid the feeling of exhaustion and dehydration. Running water is drinkable (if not, it will be clearly indicated). Bottled spring water is sold in all stores.

Swimming is not recommended immediately after a meal, and wait at least two hours before the lunch, jump into the water. Hedgehogs prefer clear waters of the Croatian Adriatic, and the best protection from their spines are plastic or other shoes suitable for water.


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