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Tourism in Central Croatia


In Central Croatia, both Gorski Kotar and Lika are markedly parts of Croatian continental region, but summer months bring lots of sun and heat. Also, out of season there's lot of days with good conditions for different touristic activities such as walking or mountaineering.

Platak ski center, in the outback of Rijeka town, is the only ski center in the world with the view at the sea. Travel with the car to the continent, after one hour you enter the snow borderline. Gorski kotar, offers lots of space for winter tourism, hunting, walking and mountaineering.

Delnice is the major centre and there's also very nice Fužine and Lokve, both by the lakes.

Here you can find accommodation in one of the hotels in larger centres like Gospić or Otočac (in Lika), there's several big restaurants beside the main highway in Lika which connect Zagreb and Split; in those family services is possible to rent a room or apartment. The most often way of hospitality in Gorski kotar is to rent a whole house located at the attractive points.


Tourism in Delnice is a card that play only in the hands of individuals who gives the enormous efforts to promote those districts as touristical attractivity; tourist who prefer hunting, mountains and valleys, peaceful and quiet week or month far away of the big cities, friendship with bears in asylum in Kuterevo, enjoyment at the arranged ski-paths near by Mrkopalj, Ravna gora and Delnice. Here you'll be served with venison specialities with blueberry dish, you'll been told about wolves contacts, proudly they'll tell story - in that area, in Kosinje place, in 1483; was the first printing house in that part of southeast Europe in which was printed „Glagolitic misal“; the very first book which is not printed on the Latin language. „Glagolitic misal“ have the value of book printed on another public language. Here you can see people who still carry on the old crafts and tools like woodcoal manufacturing near Vrbovsko.


Come and testify the original event which every year attract more and more people and tourists; „Fructus of mountains“; that manifestation lasts from May until November and it's a combination of recreative and spiritual; based on rapprochement between human and nature...through the different segments and topic days; strawberry day, elder day, blueberry, curative plants, mushrooms; everybody can learn that all the best is already given to us and it's very reacheable; natural and good, here it is, around. And don't forget: men and wolves are friends there.

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