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Split is a destination and a great place to start exploring. The Plitvice Lakes could be Europe's most beautiful natural waters. UNESCO placed Plitvice on its list of World Heritage sites in 1979. Around this, the large National Park sits as a refuge for various wildlife species. At their deepest, the lakes are 46 metres deep - quite unique.

Things to do in Split

Things to do in Split - Split, Croatia is an incredible holiday destination for lovers of history and culture. Split is rich and diverse with many historical places worthy of visit and at the same time is also equipped with many attractions which are more cultural in nature. For just about any visitor to Split the experience feels like one has stepped into a time machine and has walked into a past rich with heritage and culture. The Historical sights in Split are so rich and diverse that one would feel like spending an extra few days just to get a glimpse of all that Split has to offer. Apart from this the people of Split are also very friendly and welcome visitors a to take a dip in to this magnificent Croatian culture.

Diocletian Palace This Old Town itself at time feels like a huge open air museum where just about everything present is part of some ancient history with a story to tell and has archeological and cultural value as well. The Old Town is a wonder world to walk through and it has all these inviting lanes that lure a person in to traversing to experience the sheer joy of olden times while in Split. And when traversing through these alluring narrow lanes one is bound to come across what is considered to be the cherry perched on the cake, which is the World Heritage Site which is all over the Diocletian Palace.

This Palace was built in the early 4th century Ad by Diocletian himself and it was intended to be his retirement abode. The exact location of this massive palace is on the Dalmatian coast about four miles away from Salona. The beauty of this palace is the terrain on which it is constructed the terrain slopes gently into the sea and consists of limestone ridges running from east to west which make this a very enchanting place.

Split market

Just a little on the outside of the palace you can come across the crowded hustling and bustling market in the open airs of Split. In fact these open air markets run all along the walls of the Palace of Diocletian. Split also has a market which is known as the underground market simply because it actually is beneath the ground and is a great place to visit for any tourist touring Split.

Split port Once you’re done visiting the Diocletian Palace and the markets of Split you might want to stun yourself with the enchanting harbor where you can find an umpteen number of coffee bars to chill out and enjoy the beauty of the Seas. But before that what you might want to do in Split is check out her museums. Once in Split and especially while checking out the museums legend has it that you will never get enough of the Museums and you will want more and more. So a wise tip would be to visit these museums one at a time one day at a time.

Split from Marjan hill

The first Museum you would want to visit would be the City and Town Museum followed by the Ethnographic Museum, the Archeological museum and so forth and so on. At the end of day you would realize that Split isn’t all Museums and Palaces since it’s famous for its beaches and Parks as well which are quite close and way within reach from any part of Split. Split is currently the best recommended holiday destination for tourists by the experts since its offers an incredible opportunity to relax, recreate and enjoy your holidays while touring Split.

Getting to Split

A huge chunk of Split’s revenue is generated through tourism, which is why they focus largely on developing that sector. Split is indeed an amazing spot for vacationers and has countless recreational activities to offer the tourists and its inhabitants, which includes Tennis, Football, all kinds of Water Sports and Basketball. As a matter of facts, the town encourages more people to pursue a career in athletics professionally. Therefore, for hardcore sport fanatics, the city would be their Eden, as they can take part in several activities that can satiate their appetite for adventure and a much-needed adrenaline high.

There are attractive accommodations and lodgings available for tourists; with the city’s natural splendor and gorgeous beaches, one can have a great peaceful time as well. In city surrounding you can find so many interesting places to visit.

The sun always shines over Split as it gets nearly 2600 hours of it every year. The city is endowed with beautiful hills, like Marjan hill where tourists can also embark on an amazing gastronomic adventure and indulge in some of delicious and mouthwatering Croatian cuisine. There are many restaurants to choose from that offer a wide variety of eatables and it is also great city for clubbers.

Besides offering physically challenging activities, the city is also a great place to discover an outlandish culture and country. They can discover all of this through the many museums and galleries that provide a glimpse in to the eventful past of the locality.

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