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Geography of Croatia

Croatia is located in Southeastern Europe. It lies in the northwest part of the Balkan Peninsula and includes all of the historic regions of Dalmatia and Slavonia, and most of the historic region of Istria.

The total area is 21,830 square miles (56,538 km2). Zagreb is the capital and largest city. Croatia's population is 4,760,344.

Croatia bordering Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Italy.

Part of Croatia is a barren, rocky region lying in the Dinaric Alps. The Hrvatsko Zagorje region north of the capital, Zagreb, is a land of rolling hills, and the fertile agricultural region of the Pannonian Plain is bordered by the Drava, Danube, and Sava Rivers in the east. Over one-third of Croatia is forested.

Croatia has a good system of roads and railways.

It also has eight airports: Pula Airport, Rijeka Airport, Split Airport, Zagreb Airport, Osijek Airport, Dubrovnik Airport, Zadar Airport and Brac Airport.
The country's major seaports are in Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Sibenik and Split.

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