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The town of Bol


Bol is a nice little town on the Brac island with long history, first time mentioned in 1184, as a touristic attraction town is recognized in the nineteenth century. Earlier than that, it was a village filled with Dominicans who were built a sort of hermitage asylum for housing and prayer. Today, so called Desert Blaca is one of the last touristic attractions of that kind in Europe, it is empty since the last monk died in 1963.

Tourist offer in Bol

Bol offers classical quality of Croatian tourism with all features of Dalmatian atmosphere, cuisine and food, fun and unspoiled natural Mediterranean beauty.

The hill above the town, Vidova gora, is the highest peak of all Croatian islands (778 m), so there's one more possibility for active holidays. If you're lucky, maybe you'll reach the view on Italy from the peak, all the way through Adriatic sea.

Many people from the "surf-world" knows that the beach Zlatni rat is (with the variability of its appearance) very cozy for that kind of sports activities. Jugo, Bura, Maestral - few types of winds which blows from different directions every day (at the narrowest part of the sea channel between islands Hvar and Brac where Zlatni rat is placed) makes that beach top surfing destination at Adriatic and lots of young people often choose town and its surrounding for fun place again next summer. The beach Zlatni rat, one of the famous Croatia beaches is a half kilometer long, made of white pebble, very suitable for different people (children and parents also) and in vicinity has many smaller beaches for separated groups.

Most tourists are visiting Bul during the summer season but some of them, mostly surfers and other water sports enthusiasts come in early spring to take advantage of the spring winds force which is something special, they say...

Bol at Brac with the beach Zlatni rat is a recognizable symbol of Croatia in the world today, famous stone from quarries in the island Brac is embedded even in the White House in Washington, just as in the Diocletian Palace in Split. White pebble from the Zlatni rat will be embedded in your heart and town will remain in your memory no matter what type of vacation you are looking for.

Bol has a direct catamaran connection with Split at the coast and little town Jelsa at Hvar. There's also a few shipping lines between the Brac island and the mainland, in vicinity is a airport for small planes, too. Here you can book your ferry Croatia ticket to Brac island.

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