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Brac is the third largest island of Croatia, with an area of about 396 km; 36 km long and 12 km wide.Is separated from the mainland Brac by channel length 6-13 km. Towards the west is separated from the island of Solta by Split doors, and to the south of the island of Hvar by the Hvar Channel.

Only 1 hour by ferry from Split or Makarska. An island with an airport, good roads and marinas is a true oasis of undisturbed nature, authentic architecture and glorious serenity found only in some past and long forgotten times. On the island has always been the most common animal husbandry, cultivation of vines and olive trees, with quarrying. Special features of development found in the Brac's tourism industry. The most famous tourist spot is definitely a Bol with the world famous beach, Zlatni Rat.

Zlatni Rat

The famous southeastern coast of this magnificent Island Brac attracts a lot of tourists to its untouched beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) which is in triangular spit shape, reaching out to the sea changing shapes with seasonal tides. Tidal waves constantly change the shape of this place by their strong currents. But it is absolutely safe to spend just relaxing the day off at the beach.

Vidova gora

Islands highest peak is “Vidova gora”, place where you will surely want to take some photos for your family album. Breathtaking view of Brač and neighboring islands is overwhelming, and so are the local gastronomical specialties served in a near by restaurant.Underneath the “Vidova gora” is an almost deserted old monastery “Blaca”, surrounded by the cliffs, a place where you can see for yourself that how people lived long time ago.

Places on Brac Island


Bol is the oldest coastal settlement on Brac. Bol has many beautiful beaches. To the west from Bol lies one of the most famous Croatia beaches, beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn), there you can enjoy in a beautiful horn shaped beach made of white pebbles, swim at the clear sea, or try to windsurf in a best Croatian windsurfing spot. As the most popular windsurfing destination in Croatia, along with rich offer of other sport activities Bol attracts lot of young population, always in the mood for rich night life. There is lot of café bars, nightclubs, and cocktails bars with lot of dance floors.Like every Dalmatian city Bol have lot of restaurants with good fish, meat, and original wine offer. Accommodation is available in many hotels and private houses.

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Sutivan is a small town situated on island of Brac, It is located on the northwestern side of the island, opposite to the town of Split. The town is spread through the naturally shaped amphitheater made of hills covered with pine and olive trees.In the very center of the town is a small, typically Mediterranean harbor.If you like family vacation, various beaches with clean sea and pinewood shade, Sutivan is a place for you. You can find beaches in a center of a town as well as in any direction around it. Accommodation is available in more than 2000 excellent beds in private houses and villas, and about 10 gastronomic objects are ready to receive everybody who want to enjoy in dalmatian cuisine.


Eastwards from Sutivan is a town of Supetar (10km), largest harbor on island, with a ferry line to Split, a lot of restaurants and bars, a place where you can find anything you might want. With its 3500 inhabitants Supetar is the biggest settlement on the island Brac, and the centre of the island. Accommodation - In addition to the high-quality hotels in Supetar, many of the local households offer private accommodation facilities in the form of apartment rentals.


Milna is located on the western part of the island Brac, 18 kilometers from Supetar. It is famous by its marvellous bay, in which the ships of the emperor Diocletian have found a secure harbour in the time of the building of his palace in Split. Today there is a marina with several berths, modern equipped for a secure stay and the service of yachtsmen from the whole world. The crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches, domestic healthy food, ideal condition for diving, sailing, fishing, and a fast connection to the land, rich cultural life in the place, peace and silence in the place with no big crowd, that are main advantages of Milna. You can find accommodation in few hotels and numerous private apartments and rooms. In Milna’s restaurants you can taste plenty of fishes and mollusks.


The beauty of Pucisca is eternal - therefore the perfect harmony of stone and tourism in this place of sun, stone and salt is not a question at all. The beaches are with gravel and stones, with a lot of small bays, were everybody can find his intimate corner. Constantly new beaches are being arranged, which are especially suitable for small children. There are a few excellent restaurants, taverns/ konobas, restaurants, many coffee bars, pizzerias, a cake-shop, and solid accommodation offer.


Postira is a little Mediterranean town located on the northern side of the island Brac, 8 kilometers from Supetar. Tourist offer of Postira is based on accommodation in hotels and apartments, ideal for a quiet family holiday. For those who prefer an active holiday there are courts for basketball, tennis and bowling.

Other places on islands are, Mirca, Povlja, Splitska, Selca...

On the Brac, there are many locations where as if time has stopped. Lot of places on the island will bring true peace for you and a touch of the past. Surrender yourself for a moment to this extraordinary feeling of escaping from reality.

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