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Crystal blue sea around the island of Hvar, marvellous bays and pebble beaches, mild climate, lush vegetation, vineyards, olive groves, endless fields of lavander, historical and cultural sights make the island of Hvar, undoubtedly, the most beautiful island...

It is the fourth largest island at 300 square km. It is even sunnier than Brac, with almost 2,800 hours of sunshine per year. However, there is enough rain to keep the island green and to maintain the beautiful fields of lavender, rosemary, sage, marjoram and thyme and the carefully cultivated vineyards. Many people remark that in the spring, Hvar smells like a herb shop! When in Hvar, you must purchase some lavender oil, which is the major export of the island. The hotel keepers on the island pride themselves on consistently good weather - if there is more than four hours of rain per day, they give a reduction on your stay and if snow falls (which happens once a year, on average) your stay is free! The main resorts are Stari Grad, Hvar City, Vrboska, Jelsa and Sucuraj. If you're planning on doing a bit of travelling around on the island, the best and least-hassle way is to hire a car. Alternatively, buses do run between towns on Hvar.

Many people say of the town Hvar that it is a town as from a fairytale because its arhitecture, wonderful nature and its mild climate. Everbody can find in Hvar all what gives peace to the soul and relaxation to its body.

Stari Grad

Stari Grad has a special tourist attractiveness and it is one of the most visited holiday resorts on the Adriatic. The town is surrounded with vineyards, olive-groves and pine tree forest. Chief occupations include farming, viniculture, olive growing, fruit growing, grapes processing, fishing and tourism. Stari Grad is a modern tourist centre. A variety of accommodation facilities (hotels, apartments, rooms, camps and bungalows), lately, the old stone houses have been renewed by inhabitants, and offered for rent which proved to be successful symbiosis of past time spirit and modern facilities. Domestic specialities offered in the restaurants and wine cellars (especially seafood and famous Croatian wines) and sports and recreational opportunities (tennis, basketball, football and boccia including water sports surfing and diving) attract many visitors.


Vrboska is situated on the bottom of a long, protected cove on the middle part of the north coast of island. It is the smallest place on the island and it is connected with little bridges so, therefore, is called "Little Venice". Because of very attractive diving localities, Vrboska is an ideal destination for diving excursions. Vrboska is also famous for nice gravel beaches and it offers all possibilities for a peaceful family vacation. Accommodation is available in hotels, apartments, family pensions, rooms and a nudist camp. Vrboska has everything guests needs, fine restaurants and bars, sports and recreation opportunities, cultural events and entertainment, well-equipped harbour for small yachts.


Jelsa is a small town on the north side of the island. In its rich tourist offer, providing opportunities for active holidays, you can enjoy in various sports activities (mini golf, basketball, rowing, volleyball, diving, cycling, skiing, tennis, bowling) also provides various accommodation offer facilities, hotels, apartments, campsites, private rooms. The bays and capes are adequate for swimming. There are nice gravel beaches surrounded by pine forets, which offer you the necessary refreshment and shade during the summer heat.


Sucuraj is a small town on the eastern cape of the island. It numbers about 400 residents who live mainly from tourism and fishing. It is known for producing quality wines and olive oils. Sućuraj offering tourists a complete pleasure. Near the center there are two beaches. The south side is a sandy beach Cesminica, on the north Bilina. About Sucuraj there are many beautiful and picturesque bays. The most picturesque bays on the south side of the Perna, on the north Mlaska. A dozen restaurants for tourists and travelers passing through and locals at all times offering food, drink and entertainment. If you like fishing or scuba diving, if you want to enjoy the beautiful nature, Sucuraj is an ideal place for you.

How to get to Hvar

Split Airport is the nearest airport to the island, and the best place to fly to if you're visiting it.

From Split, there are several ferries per day to Stari Grad (journey time 1 hour 40 minutes). There are also daily catamaran services to Hvar Town (50 minutes, 1 hour or 1 hour 15 minutes, depending on which one you take) and Jelsa (1 hour 30 minutes). There are also daily car ferries from Sucuraj to Drvenik on the mainland.

A couple of times per week, there is a ferry between Stari Grad and Dubrovnik (6 hours 15 minutes) which is part of coastal route that starts in Rijeka. During the summer months, there are ferries from Ancona and Pescara in Italy to Stari Grad. Here you can book your ferry Croatia ticket.

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