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National park of Kornati


Kornati National Par  is located between Zadar and Sibenik islands,  In 1980. declared as national park, consisting of 89 islands and reefs.
It is allowed to be anchored in 16 for the sites designated bays.
In the National Park Kornati are located  20 restaurants that offer a fish, crabs, mussels,  lamb and other foods.

Kornati National Park is an area of ​​special interest for the Republic of Croatia and enjoy its protection. For each day of stay in the National Park must be purchased cards, cardspurchased in the park is cheaper than tickets purchased outside the park.

Iles kornati

Kornati Islands

Strictly protected zones In the area of ​​National park "Kornati" are defined strictly protected zones. These are the areas around: Purara islets, reefs and Klint Volic, Mrtenjak islands, islets Klobucar, small islands and large Obrucan. In the strict protection zone has been denied access to visitors. These zones are entirely left to nature to management and used exclusively for approved scientific research.

NAVIGATION, anchoring, and mooring of vessels
In addition to the zones of strict protection, navigation is allowed in the area NP "Kornati". Anchoring and overnight stay is permitted in the following bays: Stiniva Statival, villainous,Tomasovac - Suha Punta, Šipnate, Lucic, Kravjacica, Striznja, Vruje, Gujak, Opat, smokic, Straight Zakan, Lavsa, Piskera - Vela Panitula, and in the bay Anica the Levrnaka.

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